Professor Erich Neuhold (University of Vienna)

Erich Neuhold is Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna and at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Darmstadt University of Technology. Until 2005 he was also Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems (IPSI) in Darmstadt. Earlier he has been Professor at the University of Stuttgart and the Technical University of Vienna and he has also worked in research and management positions for IBM and Hewlett Packard both in Europe and the USA.

His areas of expertise include distributed databases, object-oriented databases, databases for the internet (e.g. unstructured, semi-structured and structured), information retrieval, information visualization, workflow and business processes and their applications in digital libraries, cultural heritage, e-science, e-commerce, and e-government.

He has published four books and about 200 papers. His work has appeared, among others, in the VLDB Journal, Information Systems, Acta Informatica and in many conferences as, for example, VLDB, ICDE, MMDB, ADL, DL, IRC, CAiSE, EC-Web, EURASIA etc. He has served in all capacities on many conference committees and was PC Chair and General Chair, among others, of VLDB, ICDE, OTM, WISE, SAINT, JCDL and ECDL.

He was Chair of the IEEE TCDE and IEEE TCDL and was member and Chair of the ICDE Steering Committee and he is currently Chair of the JCDL Steering Committee.

He is a Fellow of IEEE, USA and the Gesellschaft für Informatik, Germany and has received many other honors.

Mag. Dr. Elmar Kiesling, Univ. Ass (Vienna University of Technology)

Elmar Kiesling,PhD (Head of Linked Data Lab, Information and Software Engineering Group, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems) joined the Vienna University of Technology as a postdoctoral researcher in 2012 after completing his PhD at the University of Vienna. He has contributed numerous scientific publications in a wide range of research areas including Linked Data, Operations Research and Management Science, Decision Analysis, Agent-based Simulation, Innovation, and Blended Learning.

E-Mail: elmar.kiesling[at]tuwien.ac.at

Website: http://ifs.tuwien.ac.at

Dr. Tran The Son

Tran The Son is currently working as lecturer and researcher in the Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College, Vietnam. He received his Ph.D degree at Northumbria University, UK in 2014 in the major of computer network and communications under the sponsor of Vietnamese Government. During the duration of doing PhD, his research proposal has been selected by SET for Britain 2012 and displayed at the House of Common of UK. His research interests include mobile ad hoc and sensor networks, routing protocol, network security, and visible light communications.

Dr. Vu-Anh-Quang Nguyen

Vu-Anh-Quang Nguyen received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electronics engineering from University of transport and communication, and Danang university  in 2004 and 2011, respectively, and his Ph.D. in Information and telecommunication engineering from Soongsil University, Soul, in 2016. He was a research assistant at Advance Network Design & Analysis (ANDA) lab, SSU, Soul, Korea. He is currently a lecturer in Korea-Vietnam Friendship information technology college, Danang, Vietnam. His research interests include control and management, visible light communications, WDM optical networks, Optical Burst Switching issues.

Assoc. Professor Hanh H. Hoang

Assoc. Professor Hanh H. Hoang is Director of Department of International Cooperation and professor in Department of Information Technology, University of Sciences - Hue University, Vietnam since 1996. He received his PhD in Information Systems in Vienna University of Technology, Austria in 2007; MSc in IT in Hanoi University of Technology and BSc in Math and Informatics in Hue University. In 2012, he has received his Associate Professorship by the State Council for Professor Title.
In terms of administrative work, Prof Hoang was appointed as Deputy Director of Department of Science and Technology, Hue University from July 2008 to January 2010. Since January 15, 2010, he has been promoted to the position of Director of Department of International Cooperation. Prof Hoang is also a member of Hue University Science and Training Council, term 2011-2016.
In terms of scientific activities, he has published several peer-reviewed papers and articles in international journals and conferences. His current research focal areas include the Semantic Web and ontological engineering, Personal Digital Memories, Personal Information Management Systems, Business Processes Modeling, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery, Linked Data and (Semantic-) Web Services. He was author and co-author of four books published in Vietnamese.
Contact address:
Assoc. Prof HOANG Huu Hanh
1)    Department of International Cooperation
2)    Semantic Web Research Lab – Center for International Education
Hue University
3 & 4 Le Loi Street, Hue, Vietnam
Phone:    +84 54 3894 555
Fax:     +84 54 389 4556
E-mail:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Ninh Khanh Duy

Ninh Khanh Duy received the B.S. degree in electronics and telecommunication technology from Vietnam National University (Hanoi) in 2003, the M.S. degree in information processing and communications from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2006, and the doctor degree in information science from Ritsumeikan University (Japan) in 2016. During 2003–2006, he was a researcher at the International Research Institution on Multimedia Information, Communication and Applications (MICA) in Hanoi. Since 2006, he has been with the University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang as a lecturer. His research interests include statistical parametric speech synthesis, speech analysis, speech recognition, and natural language processing.

E-Mail: nkduy[at]dut.udn.vn

Website: http://scv.udn.vn/nkduy